Rakasta Bengal kittens are GCCFI or TICA registered. 
Kittens to indoor homes only with all day company.
They go to their new homes from about 13-14 weeks old, fully weaned, litter trained, wormed, vaccinated twice, vet health checked, micro-chipped, neutered/spayed and used to lots of love and cuddles. 
Bred from Pk Def & PRA-b N/N  & HCM clear parents.

Pet kittens will be neutered/spayed before leaving us to go to their new homes. 
Enquiries welcome for breeding cats, to experienced breeders with a prefix from one of the Governing bodies. 

Test results & pedigrees available on request. (I do not publish them on the website due to possible misuse.)

Kittens may be reserved by paying a non-refundable deposit ~ subject to meeting requirements. 
If we find a buyer unsuitable for a kitten, we reserve the right to refuse sale. 
Please contact us for an informal chat, we are always ready and more than willing to talk cats & offer advice. 
We do ask that a simple contract is signed and adhered to by all parties/breeders & pet owners.

A good breeder will have put a great deal of time, effort, money and a lot of love into producing happy, healthy, well socialised, beautiful kittens who come with the offer of help and on-going advice should you so wish. 

 We advise you to take the time to research your chosen breed, visit the breeders and make your choice in an informed way and not make an impulsive purchase. 
Make sure you get ALL the correct paperwork upon collecting your kitten. 

Do ask questions and be prepared to be asked some about yourself & your home life.

If you are satisfied with a breeders’ ethics and conditions and feel comfortable with being able to call for help or advice at anytime, it will make all the difference to an agreeable and happy outcome with your new kitten.
We love hearing about kittens in their new homes, their antics, getting photos, seeing how they grow up and mature….but we are not going to be looking over your shoulder!