Enquiries Welcome ?

Please tell us a bit about yourselves, why you think you would like a Bengal and tell us how you see one (or two!) fitting in with your lifestyle ?

We are in Co. Tipperary .

15 mins from Nenagh & M7.


Thank you for visiting our website. 
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. 

1. Just because this is a home based pursuit this does not mean that we are available to the public at all times. We also have work, family commitments and doctor/dentist appointments etc., holidays -like everyone else. 

2. Our time is just as important to us as your time is to you. We will try and adapt our diary to suit everyone so we must stick as closely to a schedule as possible in order to allow us to give the best service to you. 

3. If you make an appointment to visit, please adhere to the allotted time. Also if you cannot make it please have the decency to cancel in good time. 

4.Please do not visit more than one cattery in one day, to minimise the possibility of cross infection. 
Thank you for reading and very much look forward to hearing from you. Ann Marie


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