We came upon the Bengal breed in 2002 and with encouragement from our vet decided to try our hand at 'showing'.
To cut a long story short, we were hooked and with the support of other breeders and fellow Bengal cat enthusiasts we established 'Rakasta Bengals'.
We are always striving to improve the looks, making sure they are still reminiscent of their ancestors, the Asian Leopard Cat but a long way from being wild! ūüėł
Temperament and health are of utmost importance.
Breeding on a small scale, socialisation, time and play make happy well adjusted kittens for their new owners.
We put in a lot of effort and resources into raising our kittens and make sure they have the best veterinary care and adults have the relevant screening.
Bengals have become our love and our passion along with Blossom, who is the matriarch of our house at 18 years old.
She is feisty, her mood changes with the weather, dislikes the other cats, loves the dogs and rules the roost and we love her to bits and is still as playful as ever!
Probably too many to talk about all their individual personalities, we have several other Bengals who let us share the house! 
I love the Bengal quirky behaviour, their energy, silly antics, stunning good looks and how each one has their own unique persona and relationship with you. They always make you smile.