We are very pleased that you are considering being owned by a Bengal Kitten. 
However, not everyone is suited to live with this particular breed. As responsible breeders, we feel it is essential that we make people aware of exactly what they are getting, should they choose a Bengal for their companion. Please take the time to read the following facts and think about how adding a Bengal to your home will realistically work out. 

A Bengal Kitten is usually very energetic, curious, playful, cuddly, talkative, and most of them also have a touch of velcro in their genes. This means you will probably have a new shadow once you bring your kitten home, and it can be very persistent about having your full attention at all times ~ except when up to no good! 
This breed of cat is drawn to water and high places, most likely due to their wild ancestry where the Asian Leopard cats lived near water and very tall trees. This means your kitten or cat may like to help with the dishes, test your bath water for you, (may have to totally immerse to do so), sometimes test your cold drinks for you with one or both front paws, and occasionally will tip the glass just to make sure there’s nothing unusual at the bottom. They will always be within an inch of your face when you brush your teeth, just making sure you don’t miss anything 

Their love of high places may cause some panic, you may need to make some changes in your home, which may or may not be necessary, depending on what you place the most value on. If you have a house full of priceless items adorning the top of china cabinets, T.V. display units, other “out of reach” shelving or display cases, please be advised that they may no longer be quite as out of reach as they were before your Bengal arrived! These cats are absolutely unique and make devoted companions for the right people. They are also very stubborn and extremely intelligent. If you intend to put something away and don’t want your Bengal to find it, do not let the cat see you put it away! Just because there’s a lid on something, it doesn’t mean it’s safe ! 

Bengals are very active cats and if you are looking for a strictly “lap cat”, please choose a more suitable, docile breed. Typically, cats prefer to decide when they should be on someone’s lap, and it isn’t usually a long lasting activity when they are young and full of energy.
Bengals crave human attention and interaction. Please be aware that they would be most unhappy being left alone all day everyday.
You may consider a companion animal in this case and be prepared to give them your full attention when you arrive home!